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AviaCHI Is An Incredible Breakthrough In Nutrition.......

The AviaChi Company and Products are a Product of over 30 years in the Health and Wellness industry. WeTake Pride in Helping Others and Strive Toward Excellence in the Areas of Product Formulations and Service.

Light Years Beyond The Rest

Revolutionary Synergistic 100% Natural Lifecrafted Formula

AviaChi is an entirely new approach for an energy product. It is "The Alternative" that everyone should choose.
Boasting a 116 Superfood - 300 Nutrients Super Comprehensive Complex. This PowerHouse, Nutritional Fortress literally infuses the body with Life Energies (Chi) that can be Naturally felt All Day.
An All-in-One, Revolutionary Formula for the masses. IT'S NOT JUST AN ENERGY DRINK..... IT'S SO MUCH MORE.



AviaChi energy comes on quick but sustains longer. You get the same quick boost in energy and get up and go as coffee or energy drinks. But we designed AviaChi to be smoother, better supported nutritionally and not drop you fast — but to last longer and gradually taper down — without that desperate hollow feeling. Instead of too hyper of an engagement of the caffeine that can lead to embarrassing dramas or mini road rages — you still get the boost in math, vocabulary, quickness, memory and IQ , but it is calmer and deeper — steadier and more wise if you will. Some of us find the benefits of just a 2 full spoon serving still noticeable throughout the entire day. This is because of the synergistic powers of key nutrients and nutrient forms we have designed into the AviaChi formula.


Poor soil nutrients and food processing factors combined with fast food and supermarket living styles, have locked in those ugly calories. It rots your brain and is directly converted to fat you don’t need. Caffeine — Avoid so many servings and so much caffeine. Try limiting it to a less hurtful and more sustainable two servings a day. Avoid colas, typical energy drinks, carbonated sugar filled or sugar free beverages. Either way — sweetened or unsweetened — they trigger fat production and hold fat in place and no place you want! And finally avoid coffee. The heat can trigger appetite and snacking. Even worse, even if you don’t snack, the heat fires-up the entire digestive system.


There are subtle, gentle and effective ways to nutritionally help your body to dump undesirable fat and to build youthful, beautiful, smooth, attractive muscle. Your brain has inhibitors that normally limit the pace of this chemistry to a sustainable rate that allows a calm sort of steady, reliable calmness, morality and wisdom. Suddenly, with caffeine you are on a brain spending spree, depleting your genius faster than your body can replenish it. AviaChi nutritionally supports all body systems.