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Happy New Year !!!!

Greetings to all of our Great Distributors!!!!

2019 promises to an awesome year and we are looking forward to sharing a great fortune in Commissions with all of you.  Its quite obvious that if we pay out more commissions to all of you that means that AviaChi Company is doing well too.  We hope you enjoy your new website and the different features along with the new commissions we have added to the Rewards Plan.  We even have future plans for special Leader Bonuses for those Distributors that are going the extra mile to achieve great incomes.  

We have added 50% commissions from all of your shoppers that you refer to your website.  Be sure to get your monthly qualifying order in every month to get all your commissions due. 

Many distributors have asked for the AutoShip feature and we will have it available with 7 days of our Launch.  We hope that you really like and promote this feature to all of your Distributors. 

We wish you the Best for 2019 and the blessings from Heaven for many years to come.  Here's to Your Financial Prosperity.


AviaChi Team