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At 20ppm, 1-2 servings per day of these powerful nano-particles floating around in your body system is a much-needed weapon in your arsenal of defense.
Some have said that over 600 viral bacteria die in the minimal presence of colloidal silver.  We personally use this formula daily and especially wherever symptoms of infection arise.
We also use drops in the eyes, ears, nose, throat, and anywhere else topically as needed along with ingesting silver doses to help rid our whole body of unwanted microbial intruders.
The Silver mineral itself is highly alkalizing and many use it for controlling yeast overgrowth.
It's time to bulk up your game with this incredible game-changer product which is so incredibly important in these uncertain times.
While some may claim Nutritionals are non-essential, we absolutely know that they are ESSENTIAL!

This immune support product, along with our other AviaChi products are essential for the masses wellness and longevity in building their immune defense.