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The AviaChi Company and Products are a result -oriented Product of over 30 years in the Health and Wellness Industry. We Take Pride in Helping Others and Strive Toward Excellence in the areas of Product Formulations and Service. Our goal is to always have product formulations do all the selling for us by way of results to the end user. The only way to do that is to have superior, life changing formulas. AviaChi Original is where this begins..

How Does AVIACHI Do It?

Look at it this way. At the levels of biology, chemistry and electricity your body is a bit like a watch or like a car — only a whole lot more intricate and amazing. Now what would happen if someone pulled one tiny cog out of your watch? …Or drained the oil from your car's engine, or crushed just one chip in your car's computer? Your body is a bit like these examples except the machines are biological, infinitesimally smaller equipment at the molecular level.

They need just the right specification parts and just the right amounts. Your car runs no better if you dump gas all over it. But it runs great if you get even tiny amounts of gas sprayed into the right place by the right fuel injector and ignited by the right spark plug at exactly the perfect moment! And, your watch won't keep time or even run with some other watch's extra cogs stuffed into it. It requires just the right tiny pieces in just the right places — and no more.

AviaChi works with cellular components to simply help your body run cleaner and better and more efficient. This is the culmination of more than 35 years of daily development of SuperFood formulas — perfecting the molecular dance of 116 LifeCrafted ingredients providing hundreds of significant Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Ready Made Biological Complexes, Enzymes, Coenzymes and Subtle Energies.

— Things like just the right Safflower Lecithin with Omega-3, Nova Scotia Dulse rich in Biologically Available Iodine. And then there is our incredible synergistically leveraged Coenzyme Q10, plus our exclusive 77 SuperFlora blend that uniquely defends your entire system and not just your colon. We even employ the subtle LifeEnergetics of 25 precious oils that actually work together to enhance brain waves toward joy and a sense of blessing.

Plus a hundred more ingredients —  and with some of them providing a dozen active components, or, like Ginger, providing over 200 interesting components. Chemical factory chemical nutrients tend to be a bit mismatched and a bit 'deadish.' We have found they don't play very well with one another for what we have done. As far as your body is concerned, they are about as enticing as a poorly cut key that you have to hold at just the right angle and fumble for a while. They just aren't quite natural — and throwing a whole ton of them at the door won't get you in any faster. AviaChi works with unique precision and synergies that leverage new levels of feel good results from only 2 heaping teaspoons a day. Now granted, that is a whopping 10,670mg of SuperNutrients.

THE POWDER EQUIVALENT OF MORE THAN 50 SUPPLEMENT CAPSULES. In fact, supplement capsules are often loaded with useless cheap fillers to up to 90% leaving only ten percent functional ingredient. Our agenda is effectiveness so we have no time or place for fillers. Thus this mere 12 grams of AviaChi functions more like over 200 capsules even if you could figure out and keep up with the dozens of bottles to buy. Imagine the cost.