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Colostrum is a form of pre-milk produced by mothers, including humans and animals for their young ones. While milk is white, colostrum can be sticky and features a yellowish or orange color. Colostrum is the stuff that babies or newborn feed on the first days of their birth. It provides them with all the nutrients they need for growth and development. Colostrum contains amazing proline rich polypeptides.., Transfer factors.

When calves are born, during the first months of their life, they are not exposed to bacteria, germs or diseases. This is because mother passes important nutrients through the colostrum to the calf to keep it safe and healthy. Newborns need colostrum because of their weak digestive system and make sure the child survives birth.

Bovine colostrum: the bovine colostrum is from the cow. It is the one used in colostrum supplements. It contains higher proteins and fat contents that human colostrum and most people are comfortable using the supplements than using human colostrum

Human colostrum: human colostrum is produced by the mother for his or her newborn. Sometimes you can find it for purchase, but people don’t feel comfortable using it. It is also not commonly used is colostrum supplements.

Uses of colostrum supplements

If you are having health issues and you don’t know anything about colostrum, then you are missing out on the best Product approach ever. Colostrum is one of the ingredients or supplement with more than five health benefits for every person, age, gender, and race. Not only do people love it because of its awesome benefits, colostrum is one of the most amazing super foods on the planet. Adding colostrum in your diet is important as it goes a long way towards making you happier and healthier.