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AviaChi Affiliate Plan


Rarely can you find a business model where all participants can benefit. Such a business model is easy to share with others and that is where our Rewards Plan comes into play.

AviaChi shares 20% of its CV profits with all its affiliates. For Affiliates to participate in receiving commissions, they simply create an account by filling out the Affiliate Profile form and agree to the Affiliate Terms. Affiliates can even make money without a monthly order requirement.  Simply refer or advertise your Affiliate Link to anyone or any where. Once someone places an order from your link, a 20% commission is generated.  This immediately goes into your e-wallet.  All Affiliates can retrieve their commissions on each Monday before 10pm by going into their backoffice and requesting their commissions.  Upon request of payment, a check is generated to be mailed to the affiliate.  The commissions may also be used to place orders for products as well.  The object is to refer as many as possible in order to achieve the highest amount of weekly commissions as possible.  Good Fortune to all of our faithful Affiliates.