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5 Aviachi Combo $230.00

AviaChi 5-Pak Combo

AviaChi (320g- month supply)  Organic Greens (120 tablets)   Colostrum (120 capsules)   Silver (4oz.)  Magnesium (4oz.)

This is truly a serious combo, pulling out all of the stops for a Nutritional regiment.  This combo, this price.... Grab this combo and save Big....

" I get up in the morning and mix my AviaChi powder, grab 2 Greens and 2 Colostrum and swallow them down,,, Later in the day I do that again.  This carries me thru the evening as well.  Awesome energy all day and control.  At bedtime I always hit my Magnesium and Silver just for great measure...  It just doesn't get any better than this.."