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The AviaChi Company and Products are a Product of over 30 years in the Health and Wellness industry. WeTake Pride in Helping Others and Strive Toward Excellence in the Areas of Product Formulations and Service.


CONTROL YOUR RISK WITH THE MIRACLE MOLECULE..     The remarkable properties of our #1 Ingredient was validated by the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine, and since then have created a frenzy of interest in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields.  The efficacy of this amazing ingredient as a therapeutic agent has been validated by thousands of scientific clinical studies.

Nutritional Benefits...

 Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels.. Protects And Strengthens the Heart.. Supports Healthy Blood Blood Pressure... All body support and Tastes Great.

Fitness & Performance

Feel The Difference.  Whether you exercise a couple of times a week or you are a Fitness Guru, HEARTS & BEATS can provide what your body needs for better overall performance.  Science has shown that Nitric Oxide along with the added benefits of AstraGin gives your body fuel for better endurance during and faster recovery after your workout.  Remember, when given the right fuel, your body can better reach it's peak performance without using stimulants that have a strenuous effect on your heart, adrenal glands and arteries.  HEARTS & BEATS is an essential part of your total body fitness.

Recharge Your Life

The answer was in nature all along, it just took science to discover it.  Over 100,000 medically published clinical tests dating back over 30 years have proven that the increased nitric oxide derived from our #1 ingredient in Hearts & Beats will assist your body to maintain good health. Drink Hearts & Beats daily for maximum potential.

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