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Reward Plan

AviaChi Rewards Program

We take Pride in our AviaChi Distributor Family. We truly believe in what we do and we want to Reward you for what you do.


AviaChi shares up to 90% of its Real CV profits with its distributors down 9 levels. For Distributors to participate in receiving commissions, they simply register as a Distibutor by filling out the Distributor Profile form and agree to the Terms of Membership and place your first Distributor Order the same time your register.  After the first Distributor order,  Distributors can even make money from their Level 1 Distributors without a monthly order requirement. However, a monthly sales order is necessary for Distributors to Earn commissions from all personal shoppers and Downline Distributor Commissions from Level 2 - 9.  A personal sales order of at least 25 cv must be maintained monthly in order to receive commissions on levels 2 thru 7.  

AviaChi Rewards Program 

We encourage all Distributors to refer Shoppers to their personal website in order to receive 50% cv commissions monthly.  Requirements are that Distributors have at least a (25 cv) monthly, personal sales order in by the last day of the qualifying month.  Customer / Shopper commissions are only paid to the Direct, qualified, personal sponsoring Distributors.


Commissions from sales by all personally sponsored Distributors (Level 1) is 35% cv commissions. This commission will be issued regardless of any Personal Distributor Order. ( ie.. We pay all Distributors Level 1 referral commissions on their personally sponsored Distributors.)


  1. Commissions paid for Levels 2 thru 7 for Distributors that are qualified.  10% cv commissions are issued when a Distributor has placed a personal sales order in that qualifying month and has sales orders on their Level 2.

  2. Level 3 thru Level 7 cv commissions are issued to all qualified Distributors.  Qualified Distributors have at least one personal sales order in place by the last day of the qualifying month.  (Level 3 cv commissions are 5%)

  3. Level 4 cv commissions are 5%,  Level 5 cv commissons are 5%,  Level 6 cv commissions are 5%,  Level 7 cv commissions are 5%

  4. Level 8 cv commissions are 10%.  To qualify for Level 8 commissions, there must be  5000 cv sales volume from Level 2 thru 7.

  5. Level 9 cv commissions are 10%.  To qualify for Level 9 commissions, there must be 10,000 cv sales volume from Level 2 thru 7.


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The AviaChi Shopper Program 


Distributors that are qualified with at least one personal sales order (25 cv) in the qualifying month.

50% cv Commissions from all personally referred shoppers

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