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AviaChi Combo 3 $149.90

AviaChi 3-Pak Combo

AviaChi (320g- month supply)  Organic Greens (120 tablets)   Colostrum (120 capsules)

The Ultimate starter pak that introduces everyone to these 3 great products without the heavier pricetag..

  • AviaChi, All-In-One Powerhouse of LifeCrafted Cultures. A truly remarkable infusion of Nutrition.  116 Superfoods. 300 nutrients
  • AviaChi Greens- 28 Organic combined ingredients making up Greens, Fruits and Veggies in a convenient 2 tablet serving.
  • AviaChi Colostrum- Nature's First Food. One of the safest food forms on the Planet.  Naturally contains antibodies, Transfer Factors, Immunoglobulins, Proline-rich polypeptides, and shown to assist autoimmune response.